Learn about CAMMINA's history,
their transition to the HIP Migration Program
and how you too can be part of our history
in the defense of migrants in the region.

Throughout 10 years we have supported with almost $17 million USD in grants to more than 300 projects and initiatives that supportedmore than 200 organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and the United States.


At the beginning of 2010, Ford Foundation,
Avina Foundation and Open Society Foundations
observed with interest the increase inmigration flows
on the Central America, Mexico and United States route.

The 3 foundations knew that they had to do something
to address the increase in migration flows. So they decided
to join forces and created the Mexico and Central America
Migration Alliance (CAMMINA) to support various
organizations and begin their collaboration journey.

Fortunately, we, the Alliance, began to grow and with the support of the public and partners on the ground, it achieved changes in public policies that guaranteed the rights of migrants.

The following year despite a greater number of threats
and increased violence in the region, we increased
our regranting strategy and were able to directly
help human rights defenders.

Little by little we realized that all our actions began
to generate positive changes in the lives of many people.
We began to explore new areas of action, such as specialized support
for migrant children, strategic litigation and policy advocacy,
in order to generate greater opportunities.

On the other hand, the humanitarian crisis caused by immigration
policies in the United States presented new challenges.
We understood that in order to build a better future,
we first needed to protect children.

We began to generate actions to raise awareness about
the need to respect and protect human rights, because
we believe that migration is a natural process that brings
growth opportunities for everyone.

We develop an initiative that supported the labor market reintegration
for returned migrants and access to justice efforts to address the root causes
of forced migration for those potentially migrating from their home country.

As the root causes of migration become more complex
and we witnessed migrant rights violations worsening,
we realized we needed to grow to be able to keep helping.

During our journeywe came across HIP, an organization with a similar mission:
building power in our communities strengthened leadership, influence,
and equity of migrants. So we decided to continue on the same path
to make this journey together.

Our path continues unfolding. During 2019 with
CAMMINA fully integrated program of HIP,
we launched the Migration and Forced Displacement Program.

2020 will long be remembered as 12 seemingly unending months
of constant challenges. But it will also go down as a year in which
many community-based organizations, everyday people,
and founders.met the moment.

Our Migration and Forced Displacement program applies what we have collectively
learned to address the root causes and often destabilizing impacts of migration
as it is currently experienced by focusing on building power in our communities
through strengthened leadership, influence and equity of migrant populations.

Support us so we can continue advancing the movement.

We focus on building power in our communities through strengthened leadership, influence, and equity of migrant population.